Captured Memories

Pleasanton Hotel
Pleasanton, CA

11 December 2005

ZONC's Annual Holiday Awards Brunch was held in the beautiful Pleasanton Hotel in Pleasanton, California. Almost 2-dozen ZONCers filled up 3 tables in a wonderful atmosphere of "good friends and good food".

The afternoon was highlighted by the introduction of the 2006 Executive Board: President- Ron Fuller (assuming per Jim Bowen's resignation); Vice-President- Ann Devor (assuming per Ron's move up to the Presidency); Treasurer- Roy Dorn; and Secretary- Alan Hirotani (assuming per Gary Goodlund's resignation). The afternoon concluded with the traditional "Toys For Tots" toy drive as ZONCers filled the Atkinson's van w/donated toys! Thanks to the Jack and Yolanda Atkinson for organizing this years Holiday/Awards Brunch!

Here are a few pictures from this years festivities .. enjoy!