The ZONC picnic that was set for this Saturday, Oct. 14 has been cancelled due to the northern California wildfires. We thought about it carefully and there are many reasons. Some of us have been evacuated from our homes and are waiting to find out what’s next. The air quality is very poor and unhealthy in northern and bay area counties and some of us cannot go outdoors for health reasons. There has been a Bay Area spare-the-air alert asking us not to barbecue or drive. Convoys of emergency vehicles from around the state are on 101 and 80 on their way to help the first responders and we need to stay out of their way. And we are waiting for word from some of our members who live in the fire areas that they are OK. It should go without saying that we are disappointed about cancelling our 45th birthday party but it does not seem appropriate to go forward under the circumstances. Our thoughts, hopes and best wishes go out to everyone and we hope to see you all soon under blue skies and better circumstances.
Your ZONC Board members