Event Listing
August 15 Monterey Historics ZONC Corral at Laguna Seca

5th Annual Z/G Monterey-Pebble Beach Run, Sat. 9/19/09

Birthday Picnic - Hidden Valley Park - Martinez, CA-Sat. 10/3/09

Photo Gallery
ZONC Hearst Castle Run - 2/14-2/16, 2009
Photos by: John Adam , Carol Gray
ZONC Contra Costa Run - 3-15-2009
Photos by: John Adam
West Coast Nationals - 4-26-2009
Photos by: Steve Wiley
Hooter's 2nd Annual Charity Car Show - 5/2/09
Photos by: Bob Jenkins
The Festival of Speed on 5/17/09 at Laguna Seca
Photos by: Tony , Ann Devor
ZONC Feather River Run 6-2009
Photos by: Bob Jenkins
Blackhawk Datsun / Nissan Extravaganza - 6/27/09
Gualala Run - 7/11/09
Video Slide Show: Rolf Johnsen

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Welcome to ZONC.org  -  

Z Owners of Northern California, Inc

Formed in 1972 Ö Over 300 Members and Associates


Z Owners of Northern California (ZONC) is the oldest car club in Northern California dedicated to the Datsun/Nissan Z (510 and Roadster) Enthusiast. As a member hereís what you can look forward to:

Receive club discounts at Nissan dealers, parts stores, independent repair shops and other merchants. These discounts alone could save you many times the cost of membership.
Newsletter (Z News)
Receive our monthly newsletter featuring maintenance and performance tips, event information, general news relating to Z cars, advertising from club discounters and free classified advertisements.
Have fun on tours, car shows, campouts, parties, rallyes, track events, swap meets, tech sessions, the annual ZONC (summer time) Birthday picnic (free to members), annual banquet/awards event and much more!
Club Store
Purchase merchandise from an extensive (exclusive) collection of ZONC clothing and other Z-car related merchandise.

For $30 per year, youíll receive monthly issues of the Z News; a ZONC decal; and your membership card (needed to receive discounts). Associate memberships are available for friends and relatives of members who want to be part of the club, but donít own a Z (510 or Roadster) and donít need their own copy of the newsletter. Members and Associate members each have voting rights.

Send your check payable and mail to: ZONC; 2916 Eccleston Ave, Walnut Creek CA 94597

(Please allow 3-4 weeks processing time)

Your Name: ______________________________ Email: _____________________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________ City: ______________________________________

County: ____________________ Zipcode: __________________ Phone: _____________________

Y / N (circle) I am interested in being contacted by other members and/or club representatives.

___ Enclosed are $30 dues for the next 12mos. ____ Enclosed are $55 dues for the next 24 mos.

___ Enclosed is an additional $10/person one year _______ $20 for two years________, for an associate membership for:

Associateís Name: ___________________________ Referred By: _____________________________

You are encouraged to participate in all club activities. This information is for club use only and will not be sold or given out.

Year of Z/510/Roadster: ____ Model: 240Z / 260Z / 280Z / 280ZX / 300ZX-I / 300ZX-II / 350Z (circle)

Member Birth Date (MM/DD): _____________ Associate Birth Date (MM/DD): ______________


___ Do NOT include my phone # in the membership roster which appears periodically in the Z News.


You can download / print ZONC Membership Application(s) via the following links:

ZONC Membership Application (MSWord format)

ZONC Membership Application (PDF format)

Note: These applications consist of 2 pages and are designed to be printed front-to-back. Applications forms may be updated w/o notice.



Managed by:
The Z Owners of Northern California (Z.O.N.C.) is one of the oldest "Z" car club in Northern California dedicated to the Datsun/Nissan enthusiast.
Z.O.N.C. was established in 1972 and incorporated in 1976.
Our goals are to bring together people from all walks-of-life and to promote friendly relations, good times and the enjoyment of our "Zs", Roadsters and 510s.
The Z.O.N.C. region is defined by: The Pacific Ocean (west); State of Oregon (north); State of Nevada (east) and the Counties of Monterey; Kings; Tulare and Inyo (south).