Z / Owner of the Month


Datsun 280ZX
"Mach 5"
Stephen Wong
San Leandro, CA

"Unlike other iconic hero cars, like Knight Rider's KITT or the Dukes of Hazard General Lee, the Mach 5 was not based upon a real car, so there is room to use your imagination when creating one's own Mach 5" - Stephen Wong.
Summarized descriptions of Stephen's "imagination" follows:

SPEED: Rebuilt w/minor cylinder head work; MSA intake manifold; Random Tech CAT; Magnaflow muffler and lightened flywheel.

SUSPENSION: Eigach springs; Tokico high-performance shock absorbers; MSA swaybars and Cusco tie-bars.

STYLE: 5.1 surround sound DVD system; mini-refrigerator; Play Station 2 and 1-of-a-kind lighting system (steering wheel, foot wells, door panels, center console and throughout the rear hatch

Note: Stephen's Mach 5 has taken honors at MSA's 10th West Coast Z Car Nationals and is featured in the Winter 2006 - Sport Z Magazine!

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