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Jack/Yolanda Atkinson
Primadonna Z32
'93 300ZX Convertible
So. San Francisco, CA

What you see before you in these pictures, fails to capture the real beauty and craftsmanship of the Primadonna Z32 (41,000 original miles). For those that don't know, Jack and Yolanda were the creators of the original Primadonna Z (check out a copy of The Z Enthusiasts Guide by Ben Millspaugh).

After seeing what was available in aftermarket body styling, I wanted to take a good looking car and make it look like a super car. The kits available wouldn't accommodate the tire and wheel package I wanted to use. Even though this car is a one off, my insurance is the complete set of molds from which the components you see were made. I made the molds from hand sculpting a prototype body from Styrofoam, fiberglass and bondo.
Why the Primadonna Z32? As far as the name, I built 3 custom 240Z's (see pictures) in the early eighties with a similar concept and they were called Primadonna Z's. Since I have not designated this car with any name it seems like once a Primadonna always a Primadonna!
- Jack Atkinson
The original Primadonna Z's

SPEED: The only modification planned is a CATback Exhaust System.

STOP: AP Racing 6 Piston 14 1/4" (front); AP Racing 4 Piston 13" (back) brakes with cross drilled/slotted rotors.

SUSPENSION: Lowered 1"; Michelin PS2 265/35 on I Forged 3pc 18"x10" (front); Michelin Pilot Sport 345/30 on I Forged 3pc 19"x13" (rear)

STYLE:Body work is custom one-of-a-kind Carbon Fibre, Kevlar, S Glass and High Temperature Resin. Headlights moved out 2" on each side. Front body 4" wider to give the car a wider stance. Always thought the 300ZX (editor's note: z32) headlights were too close together. This was the first modification I wanted to make so I built the rest of the car around this concept.

The nose is 2 1/2" longer and followes the line of the hood. The lower edge of the air dam has a stainless steel skid plate for protection against low driveways.

The rear bumper was eliminated to shorten the overhang on the rear end and give it a smooth, clean look. Instead of adding a spoiler or wing, there is an air diffuser between the tail pipes. The license plate is centered top-to-bottom. The 3rd brake light lense has been painted to give the tail lights a larger look. A 3rd brake light will be added later.

The rear of the car is 8" wider than stock. The rear fenders look molded on but are actually removable. There is a custom rear acrylic window, similar to a Porsche 914 when the convertible top is lowered. Behind that sits a 2 pod tonneau cover.

The paint scheme is "solid black" to be subtle. Dark colors make cars appear smaller (than light colored cars), so even though the car is wider .. it appears lower and shorter.

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