Z.O.O.M. - Z Owner of the Month
MAY / JUNE 2006


Patrice Offenhauser
"Gold Medallion Z31"
'86 Canadian 300ZX
8,000 original miles
Granite Bay, CA

What you see before your eyes is a Z Car Club Association (ZCCA) Gold Medallion Winner! Note: A Gold Medallion Winner achieves a minimum score of 290 points out of 300 points from a very detailed judging criteria, covering "interior"; "exterior"; and the "engine/engine compartment".

This is the story of this beautiful Gold Medallion (that happens to be part of ZONC).

This Z captured the BEST OF SHOW, and 1st Place Stock 300ZX, at the Las Vegas ZCCA Convention in 2000. Patrice reports that winning those two awards, plus the Gold Medallion, was a thrilling experience for her and her (then 9-year old) son. They had driven the car some 500 miles from Reno to show it off. Never in a million years did she expect other Z-lovers to be as impressed with her beautiful Z, as she was!

This 1986 300ZX 2+2 is all original and totally stock. It has 8,000 documented miles (as-of April 2006). Patrice is the fourth (4th) registered owner, but the only one who has really driven the car. (The 1st owner passed away shortly after taking delivery, and his family saved the car for many years before finally selling it.
Patrice purchased the Z in April 1999 from a car collector in Calgary. He personally towed it down to Reno in an enclosed trailer. It had 3,800 kilometers (about 2,000 miles) on the odometer. She bought it because it was absolutely identical to an '84 ZX she custom ordered and sold after 10 years. "I considered it my chance to start all over again with the best car I ever owned."
The car has been trouble-free and drives as smooth as glass. Everything works and looks like-new. Whenever I drive it into a Nissan dealership it draws a crowd of salesmen and service techs who marvel at its pristine condition.

You may note that this Z does NOT have a rear spoiler as was standard with the '86 model. That's because it's a Canadian Z that now has dual citizenship in the US. The digital dash reads in liters, kilometers and centigrade. You'll note the two (2) different license plates. "THE Z" plate was on the car while it was in Nevada. Unfortunately, it was not available when Patrice moved to California. The "ZED EX" license plate honors its Canadian heritage. It's driven, weather permitting, several days a month to keep all parts operational, and on the occasional road trip. It still has its original tires.

"The new 350Z is great, but I wouldn't trade it for mine! What's a Z without t-roofs?" --- Patrice.

[WebMaster note: Thank you for allowing me to share your beautiful Z with the ZONC membership. I know I speak on behalf of many of "us", we can't wait till the next opportunity to see "ZED EX" in-person!]


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