Z / Owner of the Month


Datsun 280ZX (S130)
Curtis Golden
"will zduce you"
Palo Alto, CA

ZDUCTIVE was born in June of 1979. She has been a part of the family since day one. This garage kept burgandy beauty remained pure stock until 2000, when a restoration effort ensued. Summarized descriptions of Curtis' "restoration" follows:

Exterior: A "spook" has replaced the OEM valance panel and side mouldings were replaced with new. All chrome, including "new" 15" Centerline wheels were polished to a mirror quality.

Engine/Engine Compartment: The engine compartment has been completely detailed. Every part along the fenders and firewall was removed, cleaned, lubricated and polished to its original state and followed by a painting and waxing of the engine bay. All rubber was removed and replaced with OEM products.

The engine was meticulously cleaned. Every screw, holdown part and exposed engine piece was removed, steel wooled to a complete "new shine" and re-installed. A cold-air induction system was installed with an oversized K&N air filter. New electric cooling fans, new hoses and belts were installed. Idler pullys, battery hold down, power steering and AC brackets were removed and re-painted with OEM (Nissan blue). The AFM was removed, taken-apart, cleaned and re-installed to a perfect operational status.

SUSPENSION: All suspension bushings and wheel bearings were replaced to return to it's original quality, finishing with a complete re-build of the rear differential.

INTERIOR: The interior was completely gutted and painstakingly rebuilt. Insulation was added along all body panels after removing any signs of rust. New carpeting and a music system was then installed along with a complete re-vamp of the electrical system. The dashboard was removed to replace all dash lights, and the ventilation system was cleaned and re-built. A new heater core with water cock was installed.

It was a four year project of love. The final touch was getting Mr. K's autograph on the glove compartment door (see pic) and center console lid.

Now driving ZDUCTIVE is an experience to savor

Curtis reports that the most difficult task with ZDUCTIVE these days is holding her back to a (somewhat) legal speed. She has ZEDUCED him!

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