Z / Owner of the Month


Datsun 240Z
Paul Hooks
Manteca, CA

Paul is the 2nd owner of "ZBLUES 1", a 1971 240Z, built 12/70 (HLS30-17173) . Owned for approximately 6 years (so purchased in 1989 timeframe), Paul has applied his "TLC" to modify/enhance without significantly altering OEM appearance (too much) to achieve this outstanding example. Summarized descriptions of Paul's "enhancements" follows:

SPEED: Scott Performance "Stage 2" Engine: 3.1 liter, Bore & Stroke: 3.50x3.26, Compression: 9.4:1, Z-24 Pistons; 10 LB "Custom Flywheel"; 240mm Aluminum (Balanced and Upgraded) JWT Z-32 Clutch; Triple Mikuni 44 PH Carbs; Cannon Manifold (port matched); Carter electric fuel pump; Crane HI-6, Crane PS-91 coil, Mallory Unilite distributor; Scott Performance 1.5" Primary (18 gauge) Pipe Tuned Header, "Custom" 2-1 Collector Aluminized Tubing (Jet-Hot Coated), Borla Stainless Steel Bullet Resonator and Rear Exhaust, 2 1/4" Exhaust, 4-Core Radiator; and 4.11 R-180 Datsun Comp LSD.

STOP: Porsche 911 Turbo Brakes (F/R), Steel Braided Brake Lines; Custom Rotors

SUSPENSION: Tokico 5-Positioon Adjustable Lumina Gas Shocks; Eibach Springs; Suspension Techniques Sway Bars (F/R); Strut Bars (F/R); Roll Bar.

STYLE: Panasport 16x7, e (-11); Yokohama A032 / 225x50x16; Recaro LXFs; Momo Racing Line Steering Wheel; Momo Shift Knob; 5-Point Racing Harness; Kenwood K579 (AM/FM/CD=MP3-MWP); Memphis Speakers (Front/Rear); and UNGO Alarm System.