Z / Owner of the Month

JULY 2005

Datsun 240Z
Jason Butler
Pleasant Hill, CA

This awesome '73 240Z is owned by Jason, but its development is strictly a family affair w/Jason's dad - Brian). Acquired in the summer of 2004 (as a graduation gift, you can ask Jason on how he managed that one) this s30 was earmarked for the traditional V8 conversion. However after a short trip to Rebello Racing and watching one of the Rebello stroker engines being dyno'd .. the V8 conversion idea was history.

This Z is a daily driver and raced at the track weekly (weather permitting)

"The best thing about racing the stroker is the look the competition's faces when we open the hood on our "12 second" car and they see a straight 6 instead of a V8 they just knew we had to have under the hood".

If you want to see more (pictures/video) of the car/engine, click here

Modifications (so far): Rebello Racing 3.2 stroker with Mikuni triple carbs; "some" suspension work; interior safety work; cowl hood; removed front bumper and fab'd own custom grille.

Future Plans:"YZ" wide rear flares; 12" wide rear wheels (rims), lightened rear hatch, racing seats and getting the nitrous hooked up!

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