Z / Owner of the Month

JUNE 2005

1970 Datsun 240Z
2003 NISSAN 350Z
Bob / Marci Jenkins
Santa Rosa, CA

Bob's 1st experience with a Z car was in April 1970 in a friends green 240Z (which happened to be the 1st Z car sold in Santa Rosa). Bob picked up his own gold 240Z, 5 months later (September). Bob's 240Z show a "mfg. date" of July 1970.

Bob joined the 240Z Owners of Northern California (which is now today's ZONC) back in 1974. If you look closely, you'll see the original 240Z Owners decal on the window, along side a Bob Bondurant School decal from a Sear Point event (1-day school) held back in the 70s

240Z Modifications: Dish style mag(s); spoiler; sway bar; and roll bar. The seats have been recovered to match the color of the car. And not too long ago, Panasports were fitted.

Bob picked up his beautiful LeMans Sunset (orange) 350Z Performance Model in 2003. He was planning on selling the 240Z, but his wife (Thank you Marci) did not want him to .. so Bob and Marci remain a 2 Z car family ...

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