Z / Owner of the Month

MAY 2005

Datsun 240Z
Gary Goodlund
Sebastopol, CA

Sometimes being in the right spot at the right time ... From Gary's story, this appears to be true. Approximately 5 years ago, Gary responded to an advertisement in the Z News / ZONC website for a 1971 240Z! At the time, he was in the midst of building up his '72 (brown) 240Z w/a recently purchased L28, when this sweet of a deal ($3500) presented itself. Per Gary, his choice was between [1] to continue on his project, or [2] acquire this one that was almost what he wanted to build himself!

The Set Up: The car had been built up for an autocross toy. It had a pretty much stock L28 with a 6-1 header. It had a 280ZX 5 speed with a 3.90:1 R200 rear end. It had been lowered about an inch and a half with Koni struts, Eibach springs, anti-sway bars front & rear and 16" X 8" Riken wheels. It's running Dunlop 225ZR16-50s all the way around. The roll bar seems to stiffen the body some but never worried about quantifying it.

Improvements: A year or so ago, windshield with the gasket, the hatch window gasket, and all the gaskets under the hood were replaced when the body was cleaned up and painted. In the coarse of prepping the body for paint, both window regulators and door latches were replaced. The idea was to have all the emblem holes filled and the headlight buckets welded up to remove the seams. A trip to Dan Gemini, in Glen Ellen for a pair of nearly perfect steel headlight buckets to replace the dinged up fiberglass originals. The over-rider's holes welded up on the bumpers and had all the trim de-chromed and painted black to offset the white bodywork.

Says Gary <>"The new, cleaned up bodywork is nice but the best part of this car hasn't changed since I drove it home. It's a blast to drive!

As often as I can manage, I'll be driving my little white hot-rod to ZONC events and enjoying the ride with the great friends I've made in the last 10 years or so in ZONC.

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