Members Only Area



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This is the “Member’s Only Area” of the ZONC website.   “Members Only Area” is the exclusive place for members to access online copies of the club newsletter, the Z News, in color and in .pdf file format.

To access the “Member’s Only Area”, you will need to enter your userid and password.  If you do not have a User Name and password, go to the membership page and join ZONC.

Once you have joined ZONC, and after your membership(s) has been processed and activated.  The  Webmaster & Data Base Manager will send you your very own online access information and instructions. 

NOTE: By acquiring access to the Members Only Area (hence the online Z News), your subscription to the hardcopy (ie, mailed B/W version) will be terminated. Once you have been emailed access instructions, OR your membership access activated, a notice will be sent to the Z News to cancel your “hardcopy” mailing.